Danilo Rodríguez

Danilo Rodríguez

Full Stack Developer | Creating Digital Marvels

Hi all, I'm Danilo

I'm a skilled Web Developer specializing in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Node.js, Firebase, Stripe, and cloud platforms like Azure and AWS. With a knack for seamless UI/UX and mobile app development using React Native, I transform ideas into captivating digital solutions. Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life.

Full Stack Development

  • Building responsive Single-Page-Apps (SPA) & PWA in React.js

  • Building responsive static websites using Next.js

  • Creating application backend in Node & Express

Cloud Infra-Architecture

  • Experience of working on multiple cloud platforms

  • Hosting and maintaining websites on virtual machine instances along with integration of databases

  • Designing scalable Applications on cloud platforms along with web security fundamentals

Payment Integration

  • Experience of working with payment integration using Stripe & Paypal

  • Use secure payment gateways to accept payments for easy transactions

  • Elevate your business by accepting payments from all over the world

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